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About Us

The Powered™ concept began when the founders of Powered Pty Ltd became frustrated with how much time and effort large corporations were investing into IT projects with varying degrees of success.

With over 15 years experience working as consultants for one of the top 5 consulting firms in the world, the Powered™ executive team have been key technical and management team members and leaders of numerous development projects for large scale, mission critical, distributed systems – in both the private and government sectors – combining extensive industry knowledge and hands-on experience in many aspects of software development. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Object Oriented Development Methodology
  • Systems and Application Architecture
  • Application Infrastructure
  • Team Leading & Project Management

The goal of the Powered™ team is to empower clients to:

  • develop the highest quality software
  • as quickly and cheaply as possible
  • ensuring project success

by providing them with an overall product and supporting services package that incorporates technical, educational, methodology and project management components.