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Code Example - Maintain Book Screen

Step 1) Create the Business Object

#Note: This code was already created for Search Book and can be reused.

Step 2) Create the Maintenance Screen

(a) define the business object that maps to this panel/form
(b) define the fields to be included on the screen (including positioning)

Step 3) Register the Maintenance Screen with the Business Object

(a) ensures the maintain book screen is displayed when the user wants to create/view/update the details of a book

Step 4) Run Application

You now have a fully functioning maintenance screen that allows users to create and updated book details.
Resulting Maintenance Screen in Rich Client Mode (using Swing)

Resulting Maintenance Screen in Web Mode
Features and Functionality of the Maintenance Screen
  • screen layout
    • screen title
    • positioning and type of fields
    • field labels and corresponding float over text
    • data entry validations (format, type, size, etc...)
  • save book
    • validates the current book (e.g. mandatory fields and additional business rules)
    • saves the current book
  • delete book
    • validates that the book can be deleted
    • requests user to confirm delete operation
    • deletes the current book
  • cancel
    • cancels changes and returns to previous screen
  • view previous/next book ("<<" & ">>" buttons)
    • displays the previous/next book based on the results displayed in the Search Book screen
  • new book
    • saves changes to existing book (if any) and allows a new book to be entered
#Note: Refer to the tutorial for more detailed information about this code example.