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Powered™Supporting Methodology

Common Problems/Issues
While all development frameworks provide some level of architecture and infrastructure most frameworks ignore methodology completely. Projects are left to define their own development methodology which requires significant experience, time, and effort.

Development methodologies are by their very nature generic and flexible. They are designed to assist in a broad range of development projects (e.g. custom development projects, integration projects, package implementation, etc…). Even if the project decides to use/adopt an existing methodology it will still need to be customised to the specific project environment, again requiring considerable time and effort.

Most methodologies have a fairly modest goal: to ensure predictable results with high levels of quality. It is surprising how frequently they are unable to deliver on this. Even when they do deliver they are often not as efficient as they could be.

The goal of the Powered™ Methodology is to ensure the best possible result, in the fastest possible time, with the least amount of effort.

The Powered™ Methodology
The Powered™ Methodology has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Powered™ Architecture and Infrastructure. This allows the methodology to be tuned to a level which would otherwise not be possible.

The key to the methodology is that is has been tuned from the construction phase outwards. For example, by knowing precisely what needs to be done in the construction phase, the outputs from design can be tailored to ensure that only the essential information is captured in the most concise manner. Furthermore, templates allow this information to be captured in a format that is both easy to create (by the designer) and easy to use (by the developer). This ensures that the minimum possible effort in design can be used to provide the maximum possible benefit in construction.

Tuning the methodology from the construction phase outwards ensures that efficiencies provided by the Powered™ Architecture and Infrastructure (i.e. elimination of up to 95% of code) are leveraged across the entire development life-cycle.


"methodologies should aim higher than simply achieving predictable results with high levels of quality"

"to be effective most methodologies must be customised to your specific project environment"

"defining or customising a methodology requires significant experience, time and effort"

"an inefficient methodology propagates problems (rather than solutions) from one phase to the next"

"a good methodology ensures that only the essential information is captured in the most efficient format"